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Parental app

Our mission

PaRental is a collaborative micro-community based child care application that helps parents manage their time better, save money, and earn rewards. Through Parental your children get to meet and play more with other children under the watchful eyes of other parents that you know and trust. Parents are compensated with non-monetary gifts and rewards instead of money removing ‘social friction’ from compensating friends. Parental connects parents, increases the quality time for children, and saves parents money in babysitting. We promise to make babysitting work better!




We want to see communities flourish and coming together to help each other. We want to end isolation and connect people again. 

This is the reason why we wanted to develop the paRental app, so that families could come together and increase social ties even when the kids are little. Life with little kids shouldn’t be a survival game, it should enjoyable!


benefits for families

Studies show that families tend to do better when their social network is strong. We are living in a culture of strong individual pursuits that puts a lot of pressure on the families with kids. By helping each other out, we get more than we give! 

benefits for communities

Communities with strong social ties have less crime, better educational systems and healthier families that operate more with each other. We have lost the ability to connect though we have never been this connected! 

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